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    Ok here is my issue....

    I installed the avatar theme, but then removed it. The avatar in the battery bar still remained alongside the background for messaging. Then i installed a scooby doo theme. It change everything but the messaging background and the "avatar" in the left hand corner of battery bar. I removed that them and installed a different theme. Now, I have avatar in the top left corner, a scooby doo biscuit as my battery icon, a few scooby doo icons in my launcher, and the entire dialer is messed up...its a mix between scooby doo and avatar. The messaging app still has the avatar background.

    I used quickinstall and did a restore to default but it didnt help at all. Can anyone help me out here?
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    install this via QI and you should be good to go
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    just did it, it didn't help
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    When I first found out about themes and patches, I tried an iphone theme, along with 10 other ones that day. Since then, all of my apps appear in the iphone theme even though i've uninstalled EVERY theme and every patch on my pre through both preware and quick install. Everything is defaulted, but every app still looks like iphone apps with the black background. please HELP!
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