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    im trying to use a previous themes zip to change all the files and whatnot and i understand that but i dont know how to change the .xml file. when i try to load the theme into prethemer it tells me it cant see the .xml. how can i make one?
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    If you downloaded a .zip there should have been a file called theme.xml without this file the theme will not work.

    - If all you did was edit the images, meaning you changed none of the filenames of the images then you can just redownload the .zip you were editing and take its theme.xml and put it into the one you edited.

    -- If you changed the name of any of the images then you'll have to edit the theme.xml to portray these differences. A program called Notepadd ++ is the easiest way to edit a theme.xml, however you will need knowledge of the language used in order to create one from scratch.

    More than likely your best bet would be to redownload the .zip you want to edit (be sure the file theme.xml is within the zip) then change only the images and not file names.
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    I am having the same problem.

    I wanted to use the calendar images from one theme to use with another. I made sure the filenames that I replaced the originals with matched the original file names, but I still get the error that it can't find the theme.xml file.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Nevermind, I figured out that it was an issue of trying to compress the folder to a zip using mac's built in compressor.
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    wow. ok that helps a lot actually. im pretty sure its because i deleted a lot of stuff which would obv make the .xml different. word. thank you!

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