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    So, i just spent the last several hours making a theme, and when i go to "themer" in WebOS Quick Install and click load theme, I get an error saying "Sorry, theming is currently disabled until new theming specifications is put in place."

    I'm assuming this error means i havent added a theme to upload??

    Some one please walk me through this.

    Any Help would be appreciated.
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    themeing is disabled via quickinstall as of now you need to do it via preware but please do a forums search next time this particular thing is all over these forums lately and its cluttering almost as bad as 1.4 did
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    Sorry about that, Is there any way of getting my own home-made theme through preware?
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    the easiest way would be to sign up herePalm Pre Themes, Wallpapers and Boot Screens @ PreThemer and just load the theme onto your account then you should be good to go

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