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    I have done a search for how to change the font but haven't found a simple answer. Maybe it's a patch instead of a theme. All I want to to is change the font from whatever it is to something else. I could care less about the color or the size, but I would like to be able to switch from whatever it is now to book antiqua or comic sans or whatever suits me at the time.

    I am not a very technical person tried reading hte themebuilder info, but since i don;t know what files to change I stopped there. Thanks for ANY info.
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    I don't have time to write a comprehensive tutorial at the moment, but I have done this myself. All you need to do is edit the files in /usr/share/fonts/

    I believe either Prelude or Coconut is the default webOS font, so just download the .ttf font that you want to use, rename it appropriately and then overwrite the original font files so that WebOS is fooled into thinking it's using the default when actually it's using yours.

    Remember to backup before attempting this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    This may corrupt aupt-3 of some patches?
    Hmm I don't know, I'd need to examine the code - I know that you can edit other files (such as the text-edit-autoreplace file) without affecting AUPT, so I think this should be okay to use with patches.

    Really need someone like rwhitby or someone to comment or confirm though.
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    If you manually modify a file that is also modified by a patch, then it will negatively affect the operation of AUPT.

    If you modify a file that is not touched by any AUPT patches, then it will not interfere with AUPT, but of course you also won't be protected by AUPT on that file either.

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