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    Is there a way to download themes to the Pre?

    Before 1.4 update I had a really nice theme that I liked a lot. I was having trouble with my phone so before the update I uninstalled everything (i.e. theme, patches). The theme that I liked is no longer available in preware

    I think that we should be able to download themes to our phones and then be able to switch them at will.

    Anyone else agree/disagree, comments please.
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    Maybe not compatible with 1.4 yet? Haven't tried myself downloading one for months, IMHO themes really aren't worth the trouble they can cause. You can actually change most things yourself without a theme.
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    I agree, it would be pretty cool to change different themes whenever, without haveing to resort to loading up preware, and downloading them :/ PreThemer Standalone? Is it possible? I think so..
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    which theme was it? msg the author, maybe he'/she is fixing it for compatibly. I pulled all my themes offline when 1.4 hit because it ruined the dialpad, and there still isn't a good fix for this.

    If you use prethemer, than just download a theme, save it on your cpu and install/reinstall whenever u like. You would still have to download future updates if you wanted.
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    Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it or who made it. I got it off of Preware, so I guess that it could have come from any number of feeds.
    Here's a discription of it maybe somebody knows: It had pictures of trees in winter, with snow or ice on them, the icons were silver/gray, the dial button for the phone was a silver/grey icon with a picture of an old style phone in it. I want to say the name of it was something like winter wonderland, or frozen something, but I am not sure. I put the theme on there a while ago 2 months maybe. I looked through themes on preware one by one and it wasn't there. Hopefully it is just being updated for v1.4

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