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    1.4 was a great update but not so much for Theme-ers. Small updates, such as new images can be dealt with, but the recent changes to the phone menu, is nothing short of SUCK.

    My favorite part of theme-ing has always been the phone, and usually the first thing i started with. With the recent changes, palm has removed several key images and moved a lot of "the goods" into the style sheets.

    If you ever downloaded a theme that has changes the dialer, then it will be effected by this change. Fixing these changes and adjusting to them will not be an overnight thing.

    Mostly everyone that creates these wonderful themes do so for FREE!!!

    Simply put, Be patient.

    Give people time to fix what is wrong and i'm sure we will all be back to business in no time. This is in no way an end to theme-ing, and fixes for this are already in the works. These things just take time, and nobody saw these changes coming. Some are great, and some just spit on all your hard work.

    Lifes like that, we will all adjust.
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    i had just learned how to do the dialer and just figured out how all the different parts worked. spent the time in photo shop customizing the images i wanted to use and had it up and running for about a week. now its all messed up. spent the day learning that now the dial pad icons are in text form. i dont understand the whole style sheet thing now ive got to put in the extra time learning to do it this way uuuughgghgh. it looks like you have to use a font and i dont know if i can get it back to the way it was using a font.

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