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    I have a problem in that my iPhone Icons remain the same in the Quick Launcher no matter what theme I install or uninstall. I have uninstalled the iPhone Icons theme. Then re-installed it. Then uninstalled it again. Then installed your theme. Still have the same icons on the quick launcher. Very frustrating. Any ideas what could be causing this? And how to get rid of them? How do you get back to a "stock" Pre theme?
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    WebOS Repair or a trip to the Doctor(?).
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    Quote Originally Posted by fr4nk1yn View Post
    I'll get some up later. I'll get an official update done before I jumpship.
    jump ship?
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    Not yet. The theme was posted and has screens there so I figured they'd stand.
    I've always hated people who say "i don't have time to..." but i've turned into one of them.
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    The theme is great but i have a problem.When I install it there is no changes in the music/video player and photo viewer.What can be the problem?
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    I am new to the whole Palm/webOs. This is my first smart phone. I am wanting to add this theme to my phone but dont know how, or where to even start. can anyone help?
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    Can we assume this project is now dead?
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    It's not dead, it's on permanent hiatus.

    This theme was made for 1.4, 1.4.1 moved the video graphics for some stupid reason.
    I may make a very small update this weekend if I have time that fixes the video and changes the launcher.
    I went back to this for awhile and I really liked the dark launcher better than transparent.
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    just a question but i installed this theme and got the background alright but the boot screen is still the stock pre boot screen not the theme related one. is there any way anyone can help?
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    There is no theme related boot screen, unless your referring to "Grunge".
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    yes i was, i didnt know there was multiple variations of this same theme. thanks for the help.
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    will there be an update so this theme will work with 1.5.1 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by htowncls View Post
    will there be an update so this theme will work with 1.5.1 ?
    1.5.1?! How about 1.4.5? If it doesn't install on my wife's Pixi I'll whip something up.
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    Give us an update when you can. My phone looks terrible without your amazing theme.
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    And one for Grunge too! I quite enjoy that one, I like the texture.
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    Not sure why they were removed from Preware this time and not sure if they'll beback.
    I was told in a PM that they do work installing from the PC.
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    my favorite theme by far
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    I use Black-Out 3 on my Pre+ which is running 1.4.5. Seems to look and work fine.
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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