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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    If you rename the file you get a nice transparent card.
    Can you post up how to get a perfect transparent card?
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    Thank you for the update! 5 Stars
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    does this theme take a long time to download. i'm using preware and it's been spinning for a while.

    Update: nevermind i closed preware and ran the install again and it worked.
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    Thanks for less transparency on the launcher! Would you consider making the wave launcher background clear? TIA
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    Thanx for the update
    the launcher is great
    but I hate the white fade at the bottom of it
    so i installed the menu fade scrim
    but it made the launcher completely transparent and i don't like

    So is there a way to get the dark launcher back without the white fade
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    The white fade was there the whole time. It's just showing more.
    Another item I'm not happy with but knew about.
    Adding transparency doesn't touch the white much.
    Maybe a color replacement and transparency might work.

    I'm on it. It looks like everything is fixed but it needs refining(?).
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    I think it's great exactly how it is now.
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    Thanks for the update. With the lock screen addition, everything all comes together while not mucking with the rest of the phone. I like it!
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    That's a cool theme! Real nice and simple but u should of blacked out the Text/SMS too....
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    That's a cool theme! Real nice and simple but I wish you whould of blacked out the Text/SMS too....
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    I hear that a lot /:
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    Quote Originally Posted by fr4nk1yn View Post
    I hear that a lot /:
    Please don't.
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    perfect theme...just what I was looking for. God I'm glad you changed the lock screen. I hated the original style. Thanks!!
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    OK. Here we go:

    Got around to playing with that pesky white fade. Fun-fact only the top is actually white.



    I'll work on the launcher background tomorrow. I have to install the theme )':
    I'm using "Black Victorian".
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    Great theme! maybe add a little black to the launcher bar and black background for messaging would be great!
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    Expect an update probably Sunday. I've been sick as a dog all week and I fubar's my windows installation somehow, so I've been stuck in Kubuntu, Which I had to admit I'm liking a bit.

    Windows partition should be back up but I haven't checked.
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    Great theme.
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    Since it got bumped. I know I said this weekend but the update is delayed.
    I'm sick as a dog and my Windows installation is hosed again, I have everything working in Linux but what's taking long is tweaking the theme.
    There's a few splashes that aren't as dark as the rest and the launcher is still an issue, plus I don't really like the background graphics.

    The update will be a big one when it comes. It's not going to make everyone happy since I may even remove the transparent launchers. It's cleaner.
    When I find a good background it will carry into the launcher with only slight transparency.

    I'll try not to change too much though. BTW no icons or messaging backgrounds q:
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    Looking forward to it!
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    Great theme, been using it for a week now.

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