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    PLEASE forgive me if this has been asked.

    Is there ANY way to get the icons that are on the launcher to appear on the background (sort of like th iPhone). I'm not at ALL trying to make it LOOK like an icon, but I really like having them on the background.

    Yay? Nay?

    Thanks in advance, and again, so sorry.
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    Not really dude, that is the purpose for the launcher. What you could do is Download the patch from preware to change to opacity of the launcher to clear, and a patch to automatically bring up the launcher then you unlock you phone. but thats as close as you can get. Sorry i couldnt help more
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    Thanks for your candor, I appreciate it.

    I know you can't delete the Nascar app, but can you delete ANY of the pre-installed apps? I know I can delete apps that I've downloaded, but there's a ton of crap on there I don't want. I've tried moving them to page 3, but they are NOT easy to move. Any tips on how to move them easier them holding them down and trying to drag them over (which rarely works)?
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    You can remove pre-installed apps... but you must be a 'root' user.

    Disclaimer: Proceed with caution.... if you remove an app that another application depends on (one you have now or will want in the future) you will have to doctor you phone to get it back.

    As a root user in command prompt type: (to remove: com.palm.applications.sprintportal)
    mount -o rw,remount /
    ipkg remove com.palm.applications.sprintportal
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    Oh dear. I think I'll just leave that on Page 3.

    I found one that I really like; now I'm off to figure out how on earth to install it. Thank you guys so much for all your help!!
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    If you use WebOS install and/or Preware, there are patches that will remove the Nascar Icon as well as a few others. As for the launcher icons, there's a Theme called Iphone Launcher Black that you may be able to use parts of it to make the launcher look the way you want.
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    Thanks, Engine. I've actually downloaded the iPhone Launcher Black since that fit pretty closely with what I like, but I haven't figured out how to install new OS themes yet.

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