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    Just posted a new Ironman theme for fans

    Suggestions appreciated
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    I've made tons of updates. It's webos 1.4 compliant and has fancy phone art and custom lock numbers for the time. Feedback would be much appreciated.
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    Love the theme. However after I installed it my phone numbers went haywire. Now all the numbers run from top to bottom on the left side of the phone and the call/hang up bar is covering the call history and voice mail buttons. I uninstalled it and the phone stayed the same. Any ideas?
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    My first idea is: do a full restart on phone via power button

    which phone are you using?

    Have you tried instaling v 0.8?

    Which webOS version are you on?

    I've done my most recent tests with 1.4

    direct message me if you want more help
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    I have installed the theme, when doing the restart luna, the system freezed at the screen "updating the system" My Webos version is 1.4. Much appreciated if you could help me how to fix the problem.

    Many Thx
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    Try to restart the phone, not just Luna

    also, try the Ironman Mark 2.5 from

    I'm starting to think the ipk file at pre is buggy.

    How are you installing the theme?
    PM me.
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    It won't help even I did the EPR and full erase. I need to doctor my pre and reset everything...
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    First off, I like the look of the theme. Second, I am not sure it is supposed to work with the Palm Pre Plus. At any rate, I downloaded and installed the theme, and it looked good for a while. It started acting up after about three hours. It would not allow me to activate the launcher, and also when the screen lock went on it malfunctioned. There are some other issues related to the unlocking, but you testing it would be better than me explaining it.
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    i am trying to download the Ironman theme BUt when I down load the Zip file and go to the quick install and select themer it doesn't so a btuuon to load theme
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikeman492 View Post
    i am trying to download the Ironman theme BUt when I down load the Zip file and go to the quick install and select themer it doesn't so a btuuon to load theme
    easiest way to install themes is with with preware.
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    My past experience with themes is that they slow down the device, cause glitchy performance, are hard to remove (I've had to doctor a few times early on), and, somehow, eat battery life.

    That said, after watching Iron Man II on DVD last night, in which Tony Stark does some pretty cool stuff with a futuristic PDA (phone?), I was inspired to find an Iron Man theme and have some fun.

    So far, very installation was clean, I've noticed no reductions in speed, and for what little I've paid attention to my battery power, it doesn't seem to be causing any kind of noticeable drain.

    For the author of the theme, well done! Very nice attention to detail. If I may ask... all the glowing effects, icons etc... are you achieving this through use of color, light and shadow, or is my brightness actually on higher in some areas of the screen? Normally, I keep my brightness off unless I absolutely need it, in order to conserve power, and I would like to anticipate if my battery life may go down (even more).

    For the users (and I've already read the posts up to today, thank you), have you noticed any improvement or reduction in battery life during the time you have been using this theme? How about overall system performance?

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