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    I just removed the theme droid and everything is back to stock but the letters and number on the top it still says droid and not sprint and even my white battery % patch is green. Idk how to fully take it off now some one help? Please
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    I had this EXACT same problem a week ago. My droid theme went away except for the letters and numbers at the top.

    What I had to do was run the EPR on preware and it went back to the fully stock theme. But all my patches where gone.

    (Don't blame me if your phone messes up even worse, I'm just telling you what worked for me.)
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    ok I'll try that, thanks it won't mess the phone even more it's just taking patches off
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    If it works, I would appreciate it if you would hit the thanks button.
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    No problem. Always happy to help someone.
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    What is the EPR?
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    Just as an FYI, you might as well leave themes off or not worry about lingering ones that wont go away. After the expected update on Monday, your pre will be back to stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csierra72 View Post
    What is the EPR?
    emergency patch recovery

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