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    Does anybody know where I can get the previous version of QuickInstall because for some reason the themer on the new one is disabled, but I heard that you can still install themes using the older versions of QI, however I canNOT find it anywhere, and I want to install a theme SO BAD! Any advice??
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    I have attached WebOS Quick Install version 2.96 for you. Hope this helps.

    Note: To be explicit, this is an old version of this software and I would NOT recommend using it. The latest version can be found here:
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    just install themes through preware
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    How do you install from preware?
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    themes> choose theme> install>luna restart.
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    So, I'm not actually finding the Themes catagory on Preware. Is it somewhere else?
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    You need to go into 'Manage Feeds' and turn the theme feeds on. After that, tap 'Update Feeds' and you should be good to go.

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