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    what do i do to submit a theme to pre central
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    Follow the link to Contact Us. Request access to submit themes.

    How to Install Themes
    Disclaimer: Themes are provided "as is" and are not checked by We strongly recommend uninstalling your theme before performing any over-the-air updates to the webOS. Basically: use at your own risk.

    Questions? Visit the webOS Themes Forum. Have a theme you'd like to submit? Simply use the Contact Form, select "Developer Access," and let us know that you have themes ready to go and tell us your user name. All themes must be built with Jason Robitaille's Theme Desktop Utility

    BIG thanks to Jason Robitaille and to all the great theme developers you see below!
    If you like my Themes, please donate! Thanks!
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    read the first post of the first sticky under the webos themes topic...
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