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    Can someone please help with the location of this png in the atatched file... I have googled and searched everywhere. I am familiar with webos send file. i just need the name and location of the actual png that is the contact line seperator of the dial pad portion. The seperator included in all the customer dialpads is for the missed call section only. PLEASE HELP.
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    It is in the /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/submissions/200.72/images/ and is named either palm-divider-collapse-left.png or list-section-collapse-left.png, I don't remember which.
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    thanks but that was a no go... tried both and no dice... Any other ideas? Do you know for sure if the image is in that folder?

    Ima gonna try to search one by one in internalz but its kind of a pain.

    If anyone know please help. Thanks you.
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    found it... location is def right but file is palm-divider-line-dark.png

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