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    As we all know, nights0223 has made the most awesome, most polished theme for the Pre thus far, the

    We also have a nice Orange theme:

    But... do we have a Yellow theme?

    Hoping someone can edit the Original Blue Theme for the following shade of Yellow: Rio Yellow Pearl

    - exhibit #1 2009 Used Honda S2000 Color Selector - Honda Certified Used Cars
    - exhibit #2
    - exhibit #3

    Any takers?
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    Hey, glad to see you like my theme! A yellow version would look really nice. There is currently a red version in progress right now. I will be releasing a new version of my theme shortly after webOS 1.4 is released, so if anyone is thinking about taking on this task, I would wait until I release the next version, as I have added over 200 more files, bringing the total up to over 700.
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    I though this now deserves a BUMP considering WebOS1.4 is out...
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    hell yeah been waiting on a red version since the blue, much appreciated thanks for your effort and time
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    I wanna se a grey or silver version that would go with every wallpaper.
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    +1 on the yellow and the silver/grey.

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