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    I can install themes in Preware, but the theme does not show up. My other problem is, if I install a theme with WOSQI, it installs fine and is usable, but, when I go to revert to original theme, that selection is greyed-out. I have Repaired, Doctored and fully reset my phone. Still having problems. I am running I do have several patches install. Does anyone know if any patches conflict with themes?
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    Some of the patches do Conflict but very few.......what version is your preware? after the 1.3.5 update I had to remove preware and reinstall for it to function properly.
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    i'm using 0.9.18.

    So, if I have a theme I'd really like to use, install Theme, then patches?
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    What if the available themes is greyed out? I checked all the options to make sure everything is on in Preware. Can't get my Florida Gators theme back on...sorry - didn't mean to kidnap the thread, sjut haven't figured out how to start a new one.

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