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    Q: Once I install a theme how is it uninstalled later if I want to change the theme or return it to the factory theme?

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    The same portal you used to install!
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    Depends really on how you installed it.

    1. If you installed it by Preware, go back into preware, click on installed at the bottom and you will see the theme listed. Once you click on the theme, there is a remove button. Preware will reset the phone back to the factory theme.

    2. If you installed it with WQIS, open WQIS and click on tools at top, in the drop down section, there will be a themer button. You can click that and then revert to default to get the factory theme back.

    Just remember to always uninstall any theme you have loaded (other than the factory theme) before you install a different theme.

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