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    I'm using Theme Generator to change some colors of my theme but can't figure out hot to change the top and bottom of the dialerpad. See attatched pic I would like the green, blue. I'm using the "green must die" theme for the files I needed to change things.

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    You have to replace a graphic within the phone app to get the "color" to change. It is actually a picture behind the dialpad/picture, not code that specifies a color. In fact for a uniform look when on calls, conferencing, or forwarding calls you need to swap several images. They are active-call-sprite.png, backdrop-phone.png, disconnect-button-tall, glass-panel-active-picture, multicall-disconnect-button-tall, and multicall-resume-button-tall. has a forum that can explain how to swap graphics in a theme and I'm sure if you search for WebOS ThemeBuilder on this forum you can find instructions for building themes that swap graphics in the OS.
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    I might also recommend editing your screenshots of all phone numbers.

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