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    I'm a newb at making themes but i do want to learn how, i started by reading Madolen's how to use theme builder, so props to him for writing that up. But, i'm going to need a serious for dummies book lmao.

    I downloaded one of Madolens themes just to see how the folder structure was built.

    now, i'm lost lol

    I guess i don't really know where to start i just got so excited to make a applauncher icon and want to do more lol

    PS please don't bash me lmao
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    Use PreThemer. Start by uploading like a boot or a wallpaper, then it gives you tabs & what not to change. It's pretty much a use & discover type of thing. Go to make an account, then click onthe My Themes link. Then upload a theme. After that you just change things. =)
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    all i did was look at the zip file. i looked at the pics and thier names. then i would look at the theme.xml file that has all the coding for that theme. from comparing the 2 and the theme on my phone i was able to teach myself how to build a theme it is really easy actually the hard tedious part is making the icons in photo shop or what ever you like to use

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