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    These themes end up;
    1. not loading correctly. I had two themes simultaneously loaded and quickinstall wouldn't revery to default.
    2. making me rest my phone with webdoctor.

    It is worth the trouble?
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    Well you're only supposed to have one theme installed at a time. That maybe your problem. Uninstall all your patches, and run the Repair Utility Tool or whatever. Then in one of the tabs click on Compatibilty Override or something like that & scan. MAKE SURE YOU LOAD THE CORRECT WEBOS DOCTOR AS YOUR PHONE!! (Ex. Phone Version 1.3.5 = WebOS 1.3.5) After it's done then install the theme. Oh and by the way, it ask you if you want to change the file on the Repair Utility if it finds anything changed. I recommend going with yes to all.

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