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    After I installed the plain blue theme to my phone, I now only have @ icons in te bottom bar, my launcher button seems to be hidden, but when I click on it none of my apps are there. so now I cant even get to the developers mode to change it, or to go to preware from my phone. How can I fix this or change the theme. I dont even know how I could wipe the phone out to start over ! please help
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    did you try epr bottom on webos QI...did you try that?
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    another thing did you restart you pre may fits you problem.
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    I cant even get novacom to recognize my pre, because I cant put it in developer mode. the launcher is completely blank. and even when I try to do the upupdowndown it still wont bring anything up. I'm not even sure how I could just wipe it out and start from scratch. Whoever created the theme must not of knew what they where doing. the only two icons in the quick launcher are contacts and messaging. When I press where the launcher button should be, it brings up the launcher page, but its blank. Grrrrrrr.
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    The same thing has happened to my Pre did you find a fix cause i have tried everything and nothing has worked
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    I'm in the same boat. Uninstall clear blue theme, reboot and the launcher screen is blank with no apps/icons. Pressing the keyboard does nothing. Does anyone know how to access the Device Info via a shortcut or some kind of command?

    This is what i'm thinking...when i receive an e-mail or text message and it has a phone number or a url, clicking on the phone number launchers the Phone app and clicking on the url launches the web app. If there's a way to create a Device Info hyperlink and email it to myself, i should be able to click on it and launch the Device Info app/icon then i can erase my Pre and rebuild.

    On the other hand, if anyone know how to turn On Developer Mode when the Launcher is blank/unresponsive that will be AWESOME!!!

    S.M.P (Save My Pre) PLEASE.

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