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    I have installed a Miami Dolphins theme it caused my phone to shut off and only show the palm logo now my phone will only stay on for 10 min or so before locking up .I installed it through preware and I went to installed programs to uninstall and it shows nothing there .So i go to the web os quick install and removed it that way and it said it went back to default theme but the Dolphins theme stayed so now my phone is all jacked up locking up all the time I tried to use webosutility and it says web doc is not right one please any help would be great thank you.
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    Have you tried a battery pull?
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    my advice is to not use themes lol . i dont because they dont always uninstall properly . but we do have webos repair utility to fix things up , well that is if jason has updated it yet lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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