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    I keep getting this message when I try to view my missed calls or call log. template load failed: callog/listcontainer.htm
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    I get the same thing ???
    Anyone knows why?
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    same problem on my pre...thought it would be a bad patch...but it still dont know what it is..kinda sucks
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    Wife's Pixi had the same issue. I used Jason's WebOS Repair Utility (found latest version first, plus latest WebOS Doctor) and used the Scan/Repair tool. Problem was a single file [ Modified file found: /usr/palm/applications/ ] $that$ $I$ $restored$ $back$ $to$ $original$. $After$ $finishing$ $with$ $the$ $utility$ $program$, $went$ $back$ $into$ $Pixi$'$s$ $phone$ $app$, $and$ $call$ $log$ $was$ $back$. $Plus$, $it$ $even$ $had$ $all$ $the$ $calls$ $in$ $history$ $from$ $during$ $the$ $time$ $the$ $log$ $was$ &$quot$;$down$,&$quot$; $so$ $nothing$ $appears$ $to$ $have$ $been$ $lost$. $Hope$ $this$ $helps$.

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