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    I downloaded 3 or 4 different themes -- 2 using WebOS Quick Install which is saved on my laptop and 2 using Preware which was loaded into my Pre. I have two questions.

    Is there a way to move themes from my laptop to my Pre?

    If I want to change my theme (or switch between themes) every other week or so, where can I go to set it up? I tried to look through all the launcher applications but can figure it our or find anything about themes.


    Loving my Pre!!!!
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    I'm not sure what your saying??
    Using WOSQI is the way that i move themes from laptop to Pre.
    I switch themes often. I have a folder on my laptop with my favorite themes in it, when I'm ready for a change i open WOSQI remove the old theme and put on the new.

    I love mine too!

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