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    Questions and comments on the iPre Theme.
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    This is a nice Theme i really liked it. I tried to reinstall it after the new 1.3.5 update, twice both with a luna restart. It doesn't load through preware. Just wanted to let you know.
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    for some reason I'm getting a "no handlers" code can anyone help me?
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    I love(d) the iPre theme until the last update on 2/4/2010. Suddenly the 'Fish' screen has taken over. When I'm on a call, i see or access anythig besides the fish screen saver so i can't even hang the phone up because the hang up button is not viewable. This is my favorite theme but can't use it anymore. Anyone else seen this since the last update?
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    Awesome theme!
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    real good
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    How to install it?
    Can you send a instruction?
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    okay so everytime i try to put this on my phone or any other theme it says cannot connect to URL or some **** and wont let me download it. Anyone know *** is going on?
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    thanks for the theme!
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    Hey all. I have downloaded the ipre theme... I have preware... now, how to I get it loaded?? Any help would be great!
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    Thanks dude
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    Themes are easier to install from Preware, directly on your phone. Launch Preware, tap the upper left corner to access the dropdown menu and select manage feeds. Then turn on the feeds for PreThemer and PreCentral and swipe back. When you get the popup notice to update feeds, allow it to do so. Then just do a search for the theme you want and install.
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    nice theme but having a few hangups

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