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    I am trying to as accurately as possible to create a theme that mimics the HTC Hero. However, it is my first attempt at a theme. Help?

    Is it possible to re-create the chat view from the HTC Hero? Moving the avatars to both sides and discarding the colors (plain white)? If anyone can assist me that would be great. Thank you in advance!

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    That be awsome if you can do this might want to get with mracer29 about a patch to do something like this. You will need a patch for the avatar to be put on the left side and need a patch to make chat bubbles the full 320w of the screen. I wouldnt say its impossible I think it actully would be awsome if you can get it done. Oh and also a patch to scrim the typing area of the mms.
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    for the chat make the bg of the scene white and with the chat bubble white as well but leave a 1px high border at the bottom of the bubble.

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