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    Hey, this is a theme I started working on as of yesterday. It's based off one of OS X's ancestors, OS 6. This system ran on just about every Apple machine in the late 80s. Those who have never seen it before will notice just how little Mac OS has changed since its inception.

    On the bottom currently are Messaging, Browser, Camera, E-Mail and Launcher. As of right now, what you see is all that exists, so I plan on expanding it to fit what I use, and more if there's a widespread interest in it.

    Planned additions:
    -"Happy Mac" unlock icon
    -Removal of faded launch bar
    -Matching battery, signal and notification icons
    -Matching photo/basic app icons

    Let me know if you have any suggestions.
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    thats awesome.
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    Nostalgic FTW!
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    hah funny theme
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    Please continue development on this. It reminds me if simpler times.

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