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    I have been seeing a lot of themes that could be so much better if only they had the correct tools. I recommend themers to use some type of editing software such as CS2 CS3 or if you have the money CS4. There are others like that is free and Corel that you can use for free 30day trials and they will even let you extend the trial after your time is up. If anyone else have any special tools for new themers to use please post. There is also Microsoft picture manager if you want to resize images to fit the correct image sizes. There are a lot of free tools available and your theme can come out so much better like making your own icons and backgrounds with these products will make your theme stand out.
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    I really only use Photoshop (CS3) but Pixelmator is shaping up to be a really good 2nd choice or even #1 choice for the budget minded people. It's ONLY $60.
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    I use gIMP for most of my photo editing needs. It's a free Photoshop clone.

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