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    Hello everyone!
    I searched, but didn't find anything that could've helped me!

    I tried several times now to install a theme out of preware and everytime it tries for a long time, then there is a failiure and in the ipk-log appears this:

    mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/usr/lib/webos-quick-install': File exists
    cat: can't open '/media/internal/prethemer.txt': No such file or directory
    sh: 1: unknown operand

    The Themes install partially or not at all and I can't find a way to work around it!

    Is it because I have the german O2 version of Web-Os?
    Does anybody else have those problems?

    I hope you can help me, there are a bunch of really good themes out there and I would love to try them out


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    I'm having the same issue... with american version... I had a theme loaded, then the phone updated, and now I'm having the issue.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone has an answer.
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    If you updated the phone with the theme thats more than likely your issue. You can try EPR but I don't think it removes themes. So you may have to run webOS doctor....

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