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    I'm having a issue trying to install any themes. I am following the steps, but when it get to the part of "Changing Theme Please wait" It just sits there.... I have read everything over and over....but dont see anything on this issue. Can someone help me please???
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    It could be that one is installed improperly and isn't letting you continue...

    What steps are you referring to? Are you attempting to install through Quick Install or are you going the Preware route, or are you trying another way?

    Did you try to install the first one and it failed differently or has it always been the same? Do you have a Pre or Pixi?

    The more information the better, otherwise the obvious solution would be to just Dr. your phone, that'd take care of it for sure.
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    im having the same issues...i made a thread also but i've gotten no responses...i've downloaded and tried a bunch of themes but no matter which one i try it doesn't work.
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    I'm trying to revert back to the default them via the WOSQI.
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    I just removed 'Epic Black' via the WOSQI and then came back to install a theme and IT'S STILL THERE!!!! Damn!
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    Okay, it's back to normal now. WOSQI actually removed the Epic Black theme. It seemed it wasn't completely removed.

    Although I re-installed it and it's fully there. I installed it though through PreWare. Oh, I did have my Pre in Developer Mode. I'm not sure if that made the difference or not though.
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    ok when i go to download the theme it downloads on my computer how do you download it to the phone and set the theme up
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    i need some help. ive tried reinstalling my theme and its getting stuck on the "please wait..." after the recently new update. ive waited a few days after the update and no luck. i even tried revert to default in case i originally didnt remove all of the theme before updating but now that is hanging up also. I read "dr your phone" above, what exactly is that and what does it do? thanks, i new to the pre family so im still learning.

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