View Poll Results: What color should the "Have Some Color" theme be in the future?

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  • Black

    18 16.51%
  • Grey

    4 3.67%
  • White

    5 4.59%
  • Red

    22 20.18%
  • Pink

    9 8.26%
  • Yellow

    7 6.42%
  • Orange

    23 21.10%
  • Green

    21 19.27%
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    Sure I can be more specific.

    Let's say I call my voicemail, now of course, there's no associate picture with yourself...while you are on the call the background looks as it should a-la HSC the way you did it.

    Now, let's say I call a friend that has a picture associated with their contact. While on the call if looking at the screen (and only while on the call) the areas at the top and bottom have a green background, like the stock Palm Pre Theme, not a-la HSC. To the left and right of the picture though, you can see the HSC background, so it's only working partially.

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    So it is only when you call someone with a picture id?
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    Correct, and only while in the call.
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    I will definitely look into that. Thanks much!
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    and just for the future: simply take a screenshot with orange + sym + p, you'll find the image in your media.
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    Hi Guys,

    I installed this Theme on my 1.4.1 German Pre with Preware. It restarted Luna after the install and in Preware it listed as installed but nothing changed
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    Nothing happened? Did you receive an IPKG error?

    Does anybody else have a 1.4.1 German phone that can confirm?
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    nope no error. Everything looked like a succesfull install
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    I've got a German Phone freshly doctored to 1.4.1 and Theme installed, no problems apart from the usual webOS ones like Luna Restarts... And it look beautiful
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    Hmm.. ok. I will retry it again later today
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    I tried it again yesterday without success. I installed the Theme with Preware (newest Version). I got a message that the Theme was installed and the Luna needs a restart (which I did). After that nothing changed... I did an additional manual restart still nothing. I even couldn't find the Background Picture in the apropriate Folder.

    I removed the Theme and installed the MacOSX Theme to make sure that my Pre is not the reason. That Theme installed without any problems.

    What now?
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    Themes I have created that are uploaded on PreCentral's feed say they are installed and no images changed.

    - To remedy the issue I uploaded my themes to PreThemer's feed and they install w/o problems (the exact same zip).

    What feed is this theme posted on?
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    This may be the problem, I installed the theme from PreThemer's feed as I could not find the theme in the Precentral Themes feed.

    And its not perfect that the Themes name is now "H.S.C", as searching is difficult...
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    Pretty cool theme.
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    just a little question... does this theme work on german GSM pre? Last time I installed a theme from preware it bricked my pre big time..... but anyhow....looks awesome...and i really want to install it

    ok...should have read further... seems to be working right? (still a little disturbed though)
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    awesome Theme. Thanks.
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    My favorite theme to date!
    The trouble with a lot of the themes out there is contrast. It's quite impossible at times to read text messages or view contact information when there's some crazy, insane, glossy background image messing with the contrast between the background and text.

    You've done a nice job with this. Thanks
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    Hello Anaglich, I received an error IPK. How do I fix it?
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    [QUOTE = despinova; 2406860] Hola Anaglich, recibí un IPK error. ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo? [/ Quote]

    Is solved. Thanks anyway.
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    I left a review regarding this theme, but I thought I'd post it here as well so it had more of a chance of being seen because I would really like the change I am suggesting to be made, made. My review is below.

    I loved the theme, but I had to switch back to default because of the dock. When you slide the dock up to the gesture area to where you can drag the dock to the middle of the screen, you have some odd, funky, rainbow lookin colors and it honestly is not good looking, no offense to the developer. This is THE perfect theme and the only one I have ever really enjoyed having, but when I saw that dock drag thing, I was turned off very quickly and had to go back to the default theme. If you made this flow more with the theme (make it look like the dock that is just sitting there at the home screen), then I would re-download this in a heartbeat. Please do just that. I'm dying to re-download this theme!
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