View Poll Results: What color should the "Have Some Color" theme be in the future?

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  • Black

    18 16.51%
  • Grey

    4 3.67%
  • White

    5 4.59%
  • Red

    22 20.18%
  • Pink

    9 8.26%
  • Yellow

    7 6.42%
  • Orange

    23 21.10%
  • Green

    21 19.27%
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    No purple?
    Your vote for purple has been noted. You however, are losing
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    Any news on 1.3.5.x
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    Please allow original colour option too on updates! For me its perfect... very subtle and understated yet noticeable!
    Nice!! Adam please update for WebOS 1.4!!

    In the meantime, thanks .... Definately the best theme yet for sure!!
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    Hey, Purple wasn't listed! I vote for PURPLE!!!!
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    I love this theme! this is the only theme i use
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    Hm, except for the messaging app this theme seems to work with, doesn't it?
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    can you update?
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    @coolabc: what do you mean? Update to 1.4?
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    Is this going to be updated to support 1.4?
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    Hi, again, I simply installed this Theme in 1.4 ( uninstall before updating!!!! ) and it works mostly, except for the messaging app again, but I don't care.
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    Well yah that's a given. I was referring to the new things added to 1.4 like the loading card and what not.

    installing this as is with 1.4 will leave the video app, messaging, and a bunch of the dialer textures un changed.
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    Great theme.
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    "H.S.C. 3.0 [OFFICIAL]" just released!!!
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    Just updated to 1.4.1 and after reinstalling hsc i no longer have the pebble wallpaper with the colored pebbles does anyone know were i can get it from please i prefer it to the one that comes with the 3.0 update?
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    Hmm...I don't know if it's Prethemer, because when you look at "Phone" image it NEVER works on any theme on their site, but, when I am on an active call with a known caller with image, the phone display is green at top and bottom. Is there another better way to get this onto my phone other than Preware?
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    I hope its no problem that I attach the "Old" wallpaper here, I like it much more then the new one, too.
    If I should remove it, please tell me.
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    No problem, thanks for doing that.

    In other news, I am currently working on a red version of my theme. Anyone interested?
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    Maybe in a black one! :-)

    Adam (I'm assuming that's your name from the avatar), how would I go about fixing the active call screen so it's not green? Not sure it's your fault or if yours works correct...
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    Active call screen? Can you be more specific?

    3.0 should have no green in any part of the Phone application... That is unless I am not seeing something?

    I am working on a black one as well It is a slower process though - I want it to be the perfect theme
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