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    Looking for a great Saints theme with IPhone chat bubbles. I know there is an existing Saints theme which I have installed currently but I'd rather have one a little more advance with the IPhone chat bubbles and "Who Dat!" in place of "Sprint" at the top left. I will donate through PayPal as well. For an example of the chat bubbles I'm looking for check out chat bubbles 3 theme. I like those style of chat bubbles but in gold and black. Also in comparison with the current Saints theme I would like there to be more #9 Drew Brees included. Thanks in advanced! If you need to contact me about anything email me please:

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    lol you must have read my post on Black and Gold hey whatever it takes im looking for basicaly the same theme maybe with the Fluer de Li as the boot logo down to give a healthy donation if someone gets this done !
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    did you guys get your saints themes.. i got a pretty decent one over @ prethemer.. but no Who Dat in the corner

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