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    Above and beyond. Thank you.
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    First theme! Try it out! Give me a shout!

    *Screenshots don't do this theme justice...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luin View Post
    Make sure the checkbox is checked (see below)

    You will then see where to upload the zip (see below)

    There ya go.
    is this a program to create themes?
    where you get this program?
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    Quote Originally Posted by donomar18 View Post
    is this a program to create themes?
    where you get this program?
    This is the program you need to build a theme. Here is the link!!! Enjoy.
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    This is great information for a non techy like me!!! Thanks!
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    Download Theme Builder

    Edit: Sorry jhoove09. I didn't read the whole forum before posting.
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    At first i tried taking someone elses theme and replacing the files, but once i did that i didn't know how to put that theme on to my phone so i just used the Webos Theme Builder. It was a lot easier
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    I want to edit a pre-built theme, but everytime I open it in theme builder it gives me an error saying the file path could not be found.
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