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    I am having a hard time installing themes...

    I Docoterd my phone back to original, updated it to 1.3.1, then re-installed the WebOS Install, but it still won't allow me to get the Droid them!

    What is going on???

    Update: It will not go back to original after I try to install a new theme!

    Update: I went through Preware and it gave me, error: check ipkg log
    It seems I have a them already installed however i do not how to uninstall it, i can't find it in preware or WOQI!
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    in webos qi click tools> themer, is there anything showing there?
    You have to uninstall the theme from the program you installed it with, then do a hard restart (luna should be fine but just in case). after that it should be back to norm. When all is removed you should be good to go to install with preware. If still no luck then see if there are any files left over through the terminal

    also have you tried running the epr?
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    Still no luck, what is epr?
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    I keep getting the IPKG.log error, it says something in the log as if I have a theme already installed, I look in WOQI and its says I don't, I check in preware it says I don't, I do a Doctor fix doesn't work, I try to do the WOQI "revert to original" and it just sits there forever...

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    Having the same problem. Hope someone can help. It's done this since I tried to install the blue theme a few weeks ago. Changed by background and then had an error. This problem ever since.
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    I am Having the same problem IPKG.log error ????
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    After attempting to remove a theme you should then run the EPR and then webos doctor or Jason's repair utility ... after all that you shouldn't have any problems.

    - If you do then it could be theme specific (in that case contact the author with the IPKG log). Themes with patches combined with them still have problems from time to time (thats why I don't include them with my themes, I rather ask the user to install them). - This method doesn't cause problems.

    - A theme includes patches if: the 'sprint' msg is changed, or if the color of the time on top is changed, or if the e-mail/contacts/messaging app is changed w/o asking you to install a patch. (of course there are many other patches that an author could include but these are the most obvious).

    Edit: the EPR is an emergency patch removal its located under 'list everything' in preware. It will install it self, then remove all left over pieces of patches then delete it self... which gets you ready for an update or Jason's Repair Utility if need be.

    Edit 2: Be aware that when using WebOS Quick Install it may take a while to revert back to normal... you must be patient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MLJones8 View Post
    After attempting to remove a theme you should then run the EPR and then webos doctor or Jason's repair utility ... after all that you shouldn't have any problems...
    For anyone wanting more information on EPR, see the new Emergency Patch Recovery (EPR) thread.

    - Craig

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