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    I am using an O2 pre from the UK. I installed webOS quick install and preware. On preware I downloaded a theme which worked fine. When I downloaded and installed the next, when it started to restart luna... the screen just went black and every minute or two it would flash the screen that says I will need to restart luna.... the phone was unresponsive otherwise. I removed the battery and now when I turn it on, it shows the palm logo but no glow effect and then the screen goes black. It then does the same flashing problem as before but shows a picture of the palm logo. I tried webOS doctor and said it was unable to refresh. I deleted the theme buy using webOS quick install device manager. I also tried to put a new theme up with the webOS quick install themer but it was not able to do so.... I dont know what else to try... any suggestions would be much appreciated... thank you

    My guess is that the theme I tried to install was not compatible with 1.3.1...

    Here is a link to that theme "guitar"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rossm90 View Post would flash the screen that says I will need to restart luna....
    For those not sure how to do a quick Luna Restart or Java Restart or what Luna Manger is, there is now an official Luna Manager Thread.

    Thanks, Oil!

    - Craig

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