I've played with installing a few themes; namely the Blue theme and Mac OSX. Any time I want to change it, and uninstall the theme, all features do NOT go away.

IE: when I uninstall the Original Blue theme, 4 of the 5 icons in the quick launcher vanish. I can still click where they should be and they work, but there's no image there. And the messaging screen still has the blackish and blue bars for text, not the default.

when I uninstall the Mac OSX theme, the phone's boot screen still shows the apple. And all apple-esque icons remain that way. And the texting screen is even more messed up, with giant gray boxes inside the text boxes, right below any text.

I've tried using strictly preware for the install/uninstalls, as well as using webos quick install on my pc - tried reverting to default and I have the same lagging elements of a theme I want to get rid of.

Any suggestions??????

It seems the ONLY way to remove a theme that I have is to install another - I can't go back to default. I did also try a phone reformat, but it didn't help.