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    Would anyone be interested in making a theme from the TV series Chuck? I've gathered a few images and have some ideas but I'm not very good at the actual image editing work.

    I was thinking maybe the Nerd Herd badge as the phone wallpaper, using the other two wallpapers somewhere (main wallpaper, web background, something). I like the way PreThemer (on his Scooby Doo theme) used one basic logo and put the app icons inside them, then reversing the colors on system apps. I was thinking something along the same lines with the Nerd Herd logo as the app icons, just putting the main app icon in black or red inside the Nerd Herd logo. Then on system apps using the Buy More logo (green circle with blue outline.)

    So, what do you think and would anyone be interested in making my dream a reality?

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    How do you download themes and wallpapers?


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    I LOVE this idea!!! awesome man!! love that show....course its mostly about StraHOTski!!
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    Yea, it's got two of my favorite topics: geekology and hotties with guns.
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    funny i found a chuck theme on preware by accident the other day. is this your theme or does anyone know who created it. the prethemer preview page doesnt list the maker.

    i just wanted to offer my chuck ringtone (mp3) i made for myself to go with it. i'm not trying to charge or anything. just want to give it since i am experienced at audio podcast editing and often make my own ringtones for palm os and my pre.
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    I did not make it. I'm pretty sure PreThemer made it. Link the ringtone in this thread if you'd like.

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