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    I recently downloaded preware and web OS quick installer onto my computer and phone and everything was working fine until i tried to download some stuff from preware. when i tried to download some of the patches it would say error. But thats not my main problem i had the mac osx theme on my phone and it was fine no problems with it but when i erased it and downloaded a new theme (Blue and Neon) everything started to go wrong. I thought it was cool but i wanted to switch it back to my old mac theme. I uninstalled the theme and reinstalled the mac osx theme. what i notice was some of the icons and the stuff was still the blue and neon theme. when i uninstalled the mac one again to get to my normal pre theme it still had all the icons blue and neon themed. i tried installing that theme again and uninstalling it numerous times. On top of it all my internet icon is gone, just dissapeared. Now im really confused and if anything just want my phone back to the way i bought it. Can anyone help me and tell me how to fix it. It would be much appreciated. Thank You. =)
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    i have the same thing wrong!!!

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    try downloading web os repair utility and running that. Fixed several simular issues for me. Good Luck!
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    how do i do that and will it wipe out my data
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