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    Ill say what had happened first so you can figure kind of see what happened, k?

    Two days ago, I was downloading a new theme for my phone.
    While it was downloading, my phone was updating to that new
    1.3.1 or whatever it was.
    My phone all of a sudden restarted and installing the new update.

    So next thing I know my phone didnt download the whole theme
    when it started back up.
    My phone on the Top left where it says "Sprint" and also on the top middle
    where it says "the time" is the Color Blue.

    1. I dont know how to get rid of it. I reverted to default and it didnt work.

    Last question is - now when im trying to download ANY new theme to my Pre
    It starts to download and then it displays an

    "Error 5 - Connection refused: Connect"

    So basically it wont let me download a new theme. :\

    If anyone could Please help me with this problem, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks all. (:
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    Just restore to the default theme using woqi:


    If that doesn't work, run webos repair doctor once it gets updated to 1.3.1
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    What do i do with that file?
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    I would Dr. Thats just me.
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    Before you doctor try this.. It works for me
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    Thanks guys.
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    Corrected thread title to match thread content.

    - Craig

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