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    So I finally got around to installing Preware (obviously awesome), and wanted to check out some themes. So I installed one, and then installed another.

    After installing the second one, I deleted the first one. I then did the reading I should have done before I started, and realized you need to uninstall themes before installing new ones.

    So it seems my option is to webos doctor my phone, but I'd rather not.

    Wouldn't it be possible to make a "custom" theme with all of the original art for people to use as a theme reset? This seems like an easy solution, but I don't know how to make themes (yet).

    Does this already exist? I tried doing the clear launcher theme, but it only overwrote a couple files.

    Thanks! This community is awesome!
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    there shouldn't be one. Copyright stuff and all..use the webos repair utility...
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    interesting...preware forces me to remove my exsisting theme before installing a new one, although I have not tried since the update.

    I would doubt it because even if you made an identical theme to the original it would still not be the original.
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    You can download the default Palm theme here......

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    Ohh, thanks! I'll try that out.
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    I didn't realize I needed to uninstall one before adding a new one but the second installation failed (lucky for me) I just uninstalled the first through Pre ware and all is well, I'm on 1.3.1. I'm LOVING having my phone rooted and Preware is an awesome tool!
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