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    As someone that's a Trojan, I would certainly appreciate this.

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    there is one.. check prethemer
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    Fight On
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    Oh snap! FIGHT ON MAN!

    Are you ready for Conquest? This has not been the great of seasons, but if anything, I want them to demolish the ruins, and then Arizona. Did you install the theme? How is it?
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    yeah, frickkin Stanford man. very upsetting.

    But lets not get political, this isnt the proper forum for that.

    Back on topic: SC theme on prethemer is cool... used it for a few days, then changed no not using it at the moment.

    Then again, I change a new theme every 2 weeks or so, just to change the mood
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    Just trying out themes for the first time. Do you have any recommendations?
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    wow, I like the new icons...I might use it again.

    Personally, I am not a fan of the Tommy Trojan photo... so if I use that theme, I will change the wallpaper

    Icons look sweeeet though
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    The palm logo was also replaced with an SC logo, now THAT was sweet. I don't know which version you were using but this one is nice.

    What would you suggest as an SC background?
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