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    My wife installed the office theme from preware but after uninstalling it the launcher background is still that damned Schrute.

    I have emergency auto patched it, I have used WOSQI to remove theme, I have re-installed it then removed it again but it will not go away. I have installed the default theme as well. It is always there.

    Any other ideas short of the Dr.?
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    webos repair utility will fix that
    I had to use it myself for a theme that didnt uninstall properly
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    I have this same problem and I have done everything you have as well. I finally got the carrier string on the top to go back to white from red but I cant get the launcher bar background to change. I had installed a beach theme, then had the v3rtas theme and the treasure map background wont go away. After uninstall and reinstall and uninstall. Idk what else to do so any help would be great.

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