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    I installed the new webos quick install and 1.3.1 but i also installed the Red theme. while it was installing i noticed it said that this theme was broken. i got a bunch of errors and now my phone is half stuck with the red theme, even after reverting it to default.

    any ideas of what to do?
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    I don't know which theme your talking about, but it sounds like it wasn't 1.3.1 compatible and you attempted to install it. If you tried to revert to default and reset your phone and theme is still there then you only have a few options...

    1. Try uninstalling with Preware.
    2. Wait till Jason updates his 'Repair Utility,' as it is not compaitible with 1.3.1. either; however, after it is it will remove your left over theme.
    3. Gain Linux access and change each modified image your self (if you don't have this kind of knowledge then this option may not be an option for you).

    What ever you do, do not install any more themes on-top of it. Or even this red one you speak of. Future note: during the next WebOS update, don't install a theme until the creator says it is compatible with that version of WebOS.

    Lastly, don't worry about it and be patient.... Jason's 'Repair Utility' will fix the issue, but he has to have some files from palm before he can update the application, and he must test it before releasing it to you.
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    ok, thankyou. It wasn't till after it was installing that I realized it wasn't compatible. And btw, the theme was that "Flash or red and black" theme by abyssul.

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