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    I would like to start off by saying that I dislike repeat questions as much as some of you. I have tried to figure this out searching threads but have not figured it out...Here is my dilemna...I have everything updated that is needed to send to phone from my computer. The theme I wanted (miami dolphins) I found on pretheme site. I downloaded both the ipk file and the zip file. Tried each one on the WebOS tool. Have patches so have had no issues there. Preware doesn't seem to work either as far as themes go. What should I do? themes not work as palm sends new updates...?...the theme was posted after that should be fine. Are there other sites to get themes from?...maybe it was not a good file?...any help would be appreciated...will have to unintall soon as the 1.3 update is soon...Btw I have hit detailed instructions here on precentral but something is wrong...thank you
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    It's not clear from your post what you did and the result (other than you didn't get the theme on your phone), so it's difficult to identify what you have done wrong. A detailed description of your procedure and the response would help someone troubleshoot this with you. Details are important. In the meantime, have you looked at; it's really very good, but you have to follow the steps with care.
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    Thanks for the help...I know that everybody that just looks for answers without doing there own research drives you crazy. What was happening was when I was loading theme with zip on WOSQI I would get no screenshot for preview for some still may have loaded to phone but didn't want to risk. So I used the ipk method and it worked fine. Thanks for your patience....I know it can be difficult when everybody wants instant solutions instead of researching first...thank you cas_esq!

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