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    What can I say? I like Star Wars!

    This Star Wars theme is in contrast to my other themes. I intended for this one to be subtle with hints of Star Wars versus in your face. I realize some would prefer an in your face and perhaps I will at a later time but for now, please enjoy this version.

    Work still in progress!

    1.0.1 = Current dialer pad is a place holder. More updates to come.

    1.0.2 = Status icons have been changed/updated as well as some other system icons.

    1.0.3 = Updates to icons and backgrounds for music, video and pictures.

    1.0.4 = testing fix for 1.3.1 updates

    1.0.5 = 1.0.4 didn't work but I think Prethemer fixed the issues from the 1.3.1 update so this is take two on the fix for the phone app.

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