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    Currently a work in progress. Thoughts and comments are always appreciated.
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    I have to give Credit to Abyssul for the work done on Flash of Red and Black which provided the foundation for this theme. I am still currently developing it, but wanted to get the start out there.
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    can you tel me, how i can put the flash on my palm pre?
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    Nice theme!
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    One of the best pre themes so far, love it. Great attention to detail. Difficult to read download and error screens, would like a white font if using such a dark background. Installed a flash mp3 ringtone to make it "Flashier". Thanks
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    I am actually still working on this one, but your feedback is great! The dark font is a problem, I am going to lighten up the error screens. One issue I came across editing the Style sheets was the font color and making it work universally. I should have the finalized version out this week though.
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    For those insterested, I put the wallpapers I made for this up on

    PreThemer // Searching wallpapers for "The Flash"
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    Wow, best theme out there by far. My only issue (and you may be addressing this already as noted above) is the text messages are a little hard to read due to the black font on a dark gray background. But really, this is awesome.

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