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    I searched the whole forum, but coulndt find anything

    I try to make my first own theme, but i also want to customize the app icons of some preware apps, the problem is, i dont know where the location of the icon files is

    Is there any list of all locations or a locical system with the names?

    Heres what im missing right now:
    App Catalog
    PDF View
    New York Times (from App Catalog)
    Spiegel Online (from App Catalog) (from App Catalog)
    Evernote (from App Catalog)
    Translator (from Preware)
    TweeFree (from Preware)
    Bubbles! (from Preware)
    Shopping List (from Preware)
    Checkbook Beta (from Preware)
    Gray's Anatomy (from Preware)

    I would be really gratefull of someone could help me out here
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    stock icons are in /usr/palm/applications/*****.com*/

    3rd party apps are in

    (ou should get ''internalz'' it will help you navigate through the phones files to find which app you want. When you find the apps icon you can then copy it to the usb media portion of the pre. Then access it from your comp.
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    internalz solved the problem, thank you very much!!!

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