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    I'm wondering if I'm just impatient but it seems like it's taking an unrealistically long time to install the themes. I just upgraded my computer and by no means is it slow, but i am running windows XP.

    Is something wrong? or as I stated above am I just being impatient?
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    I agree, i just ran the theme installer on a comp with pretty good performance. 3 hours and 38 minutes later and my theme still isn;t installed
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    It depends on the theme. Some may take a few minutes, some may take 10-15 minutes. Each file that the theme "touches" has to be backed up, then copied over. If a theme has over a 1,000 files that it touches, that will take some time. As far as I know, the Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys are two of the ones that will take the longest... 10-12 minutes on a Dell XPS 1330 laptop. 3 hours though, something is wrong there.
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    Anything over 20 minutes poses a problem. I know my theme, which alters around 590 files and installed 15 patches, takes about 5 minutes to install.

    If it doesn't install after 20 minutes, then refer to the theme's author to report the issue.

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    I went ahead and downloaded Preware and install my themes OTA, so i avoided my problem, all is good

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