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    I have it placed in the correct folder, I have it the correct size, I have it saved as a .png image, but it will not show up after I install my zip file through Q.I. All of my others display properly.. (phone, web, messaging, photo, wallpaper, quick launch icon, palm logo / palm bright logo, & even lock/unlock icon works perfectly!) What is the deal/secret with that damn "SCREEN-LOCK-TARGET-SCRIM.PNG"!!!

    someone help me!!! PLEEEEEAASE!
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    I can't imagine its that hard to change, but it will not work for me! If possible, someone walk me step by step through the process... I mean really hold my hand for this because, I swear I tried & did all I could do! Give me links if you gotta! Just help me fix this, its bugging the hell outta me now... NOW ITS PERSONAL, ITS YOU & ME PRE!!!
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    How did you create the zip file? Does your xml file point to the correct source of the file and the correct destination? If you inputed this manually check for very small issues like missing a letter or /. If you used theme builder just open the zip again with the new theme builder and add the file again.
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